In Loving Memory of Manuel Fernando Sanchez Gamboa (1990 - 2015), without you this website would not be possible.

Passport to the World

Fun Facts:

Days Traveling:

# of Pictures Taken:

# of Cities Visited:

# of Natural Parks Visited:

# of Countries Visited:

# of Flights:

# of Bus Trips:

# of Train Trips:

# of Boat Trips:

# of Times Hitchhiking:

Days with Car Rental:

Longest Time without showering:
13 days (Everest Base Camp Trek)

# of Times Getting Sick:
Gisela: 14
Sal: 18

# of Doctor Visits:
Gisela: 4
Sal: 5

Nights CouchSurfing:

Days WWOOFing:

Nights at Friends/Family:

Nights of Camping:

Nights in Hammock:

Nights Sleeping on a:
Airplane: 5
Airport: 3
Train: 37
Bus: 61
Boat: 21

# of Places we've Slept in:

# of Times Doing Laundry:

Longest Time Without Doing Laundry:
24 days

Additional Fun Facts


Welcome to our travelogue and journal!!  We decided to take the honeymoon of a lifetime, a round the world backpacking journey starting October 2012. Includes planning stage, route, photo gallery, and journal of our experience. Be sure to subscribe to follow us as we take on our adventure.

Latest Pictures

1 - Parque Nacional Iguazu
1 - Parque Nacional Iguazu

1 - Parque Nacional Iguazu
2 - Rio da Prata, Bonito
3 - Pelourinho Neighborhood, Salvador
4 - Lagoa Paraiso, Jericoacoara
5 - Dunes and Water, Parque Nacional Lencois Marenheses
6 - Tayrona National Park

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Latest Stories

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May 24, 2016 Below are the places we saw and activities completed while visiting Brazil: Foz do Iguaçu - Parque Nacional do Iguaçu: a bus ride took us to the start of a trail along the Iguaçu River...
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September 30, 2015 We visited Argentina for a total of 41 days in three different periods of time. Our first landing in South America was in Buenos Aires on the evening of December 29, 2014, on a fli...

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