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La Paz, Our Last Bit of the World

February 20, 2017

Espiritu Santo Island
We visited La Paz in South Baja California from November 9 to 12, 2016, arriving there on an overnight ferry from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The night on the boat was very difficult, since we found out Donald Trump won the US presidential election. We were worried, upset, and sad… To have this political outcome just when we were approaching the end of Our First World Trip and after we have seen so much beauty across our planet was simply devastating. La Paz gave us peace of mind when we most needed it.

Whale Shark
Whale Shark
La Paz with the Sea of Cortez was the last bit of the world we enjoyed before returning. During our stay in La Paz, a dream we had during the entire trip became a reality: We got to see and swim with whale sharks! We tried looking for them twice before without success, the first time in the Philippines and the second time in Honduras. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world. They can be between 7 and 12 meters (23 to 40 feet) long. They are harmless and like whales, their diet is based on plankton. Their upper body is covered with white dots that are unique in each whale shark’s body, similar to human finger prints. When we tried finding them for a third time, we did not have too much hope or expectations because we knew by now that looking for animals in the wild is unpredictable and uncontrollable. As the boat approached the area within La Paz Bay where whale sharks gather and eat during this time of year, we saw dolphins! Fortunately, we were the first boat to reach the area and when the captain pointed out in the direction of the whale sharks we felt so excited. The whale sharks were smoothly swimming on the surface. The boat got closer and we had a glance of these giant fish. There were about eight of them with their beautiful freckles and wide mouths slightly opened. We jumped in the ocean and began swimming next to them. We felt amazingly happy and cautious all at the same time. This experience lasted about 2 hours, but felt just like a few minutes. We had been looking for them all over the world and here they were, waiting for us so close to home. Swimming by their side lifted our spirits, life continues.

Espiritu Santo Island
Sea Lion
On the same day, we joined a tour to Espiritu Santo Island. The rock formations of this spectacular island mesmerized us. We snorkeled around the island and got to swim with sea lions. A delicious lunch with fish ceviche served at a gorgeous and isolated white sand bay was our break for the day. The colorful rock formations of this island, the cactus vegetation, birds matting, and the turquoise waters were an exquisite combination. On our way back we witnessed a spectacular sunset of purple clouds in the horizon. We understood then that the sun will come out again tomorrow. That an end is much more than the termination of a cycle, it is also the promising beginning of a new chapter.

Playa Balandra
Our last day in La Paz was a gastronomic and relaxing experience. We enjoyed their famous fish, shrimp, and calamari tacos for lunch, and “Jates:” the best hot dogs we have ever had for dinner, filled with everything you can think of. In between those delicious meals, we explored and relaxed with our Couchsurfing host, Osmar and Vivian, at Balandra Beach until sunset. This beach has been cited as one of the most beautiful in Mexico and we simply loved it!

Baja California and the Sea of Cortez are a must destination for nature lovers. La Paz was indeed the last paradise we were fortunate to explore during Our First World Trip. We cannot wait to be back to Baja California. We feel so lucky to live so close to this unique laboratory of life, which is also one of the longest peninsulas in the world.

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