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China Expenses

October 16, 2013

Chinese Money
Below are our expenses and how they compared to our budget (in USD):

- Cost of Transportation: $786 versus Budgeted: $1,000
- Cost of Visa: $280 versus Budgeted: $350
- Cost per day: $54 versus Budgeted: $76

If we remove the budget for Tibet, as mentioned in the Nepal Expenses, we come in 100% of our overall budget in China. We spent significantly less per day, but we stayed in the country a few more days and the transportation budget included trains in Tibet, which we did not take, therefore if we remove the Tibet portion we came in over budget for transportation due to the ferry that was not considered originally. Again, the visa budget included the Tibet permit, therefore we were under budget in the cost of the China visa. This all evened out to spend the amount we had budgeted.

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