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Itinerary and Budget

The most often asked question is regarding our itinerary and budget. Hopefully, this section will answer most questions, but please feel free to ask if any are not answered. Keep in mind that all the information provided is based on our specific experience.

Pre-Trip Expenses

Cutting MoneyThe following is a list of pre-trip expenses, which may differ from traveler to traveler depending on their needs and any equipment previously owned. See the rest of the sections in this planning page for more details.

- Backpacks: in order to travel light we bought two small backpacks - $185 USD

- Clothes: we previously owned the majority of the clothes we are carrying except for the low-top hiking shoes that helped to save space - $240 USD

- Electronics: the equipment and services we purchased specifically for this trip under this category were the biggest pre-trip expense. The items included: Porting over our phones to Google Voice, Canon SX260, Underwater Housing, Portable Flexible Tripod, Netbook, Long Range Antenna, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Electrical Converter, and Portable Hard Drive - $1,550 USD

- Travel Guide Books: we have estimated we will be purchasing a total of 18 electronic books on our Kindles along the way. The guide books include: New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, China, Nepal, India, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Europe, Israel, Jordan, Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, and Cuba - approximately $20 USD each

- Vaccines: including malaria pills - $320 USD

- Insurance: for the first year for the two of us - $761 USD

- Miscellaneous: other items include a daypack, Couch Surfing verification, estimated WWOOFing registration fees, visa pictures, and the cost to host this website - $605 USD


We have completed some research based on online information and travel guide books. Based on this research, we put together a budget database (pdf) with an estimated cost per day, visa fees, and transportation cost for each country. The budget gives us a starting point and offers you an idea of the cost per country. Be sure to see how our budget compares to the actual cost in our journal entries as we travel.


We have laid out an ambitious schedule for our trip that, according to our itinerary, will last a little over two years. The distance we accomplish along the route will depend on our savings and the accuracy of our budget. No matter how far we get, we are sure it will be a memorable journey. We hope you can follow along with us.

Below you will find a map of our itinerary. Click on the pins to see our estimated time we will be in a particular country and on the route to see the mode of transportation. The yellow pin is the start and end of our journey. In general, the yellow route are flights, the red route is ground transportation via train, bus, or car, and the blue route is a ferry or boat.

Be sure to visit our actual route to see how far along we are on our itinerary.


# Turkey adviceSuleyman Ozer 2013-11-22 14:03

You have to go to Istanbul in Turkey. It's the largest, prettiest and most historic city of Turkey and one oldest cities in Europe with an amazing cultural heritage. You'll love bosphorus which divides Asia and Europe continents by an inner sea called Marmara. Do not miss Istanbul when you visit Turkey.

Best of luck,

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# Thanks for the advice!Sal and Gisela 2013-12-17 02:50
Hi Suleyman! Thank you so much for your advice. We definitely plan on going to Istanbul. Hopefully you could continue to follow us and maybe meet there!
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