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Visas were one of the more difficult topics to try to plan ahead. Our resources consisted of government embassies, private travel agencies, and online research. But there were times when information from different sources were conflicting. There will be certain countries that we will need to figure out the entry requirements along the way and other countries that are straight forward. The bottom line is that we will need to verify visa requirements for some countries along the way by asking at embassies and local travel agencies.Passport with Visas

We both hold dual citizenship (US – El Salvador, US – Colombia) and hope to use both passports depending on which one is more convenient in a particular country. For example, Russia requires an extensive visa application for US citizens, but do not require any visa for Colombia or El Salvador citizens. See our journal section for any stories on how this may have turned out.

Of the many countries that will require us to have a visa prior to arriving, the only ones that we have obtained prior to leaving Los Angeles are India and China. India conveniently offers a multiple-entry five or ten year visa to US citizens, which works out with our flexible schedule.  China offers a one year multiple entry visa that will also work with our schedule. The others, as mentioned above, will be obtained on the road, if required.

See our extensive visa research (pdf) to get a better idea of the work it entailed and to see the visa requirements for certain countries. At the top of the document you will see a list of our online resources. Please note that this is an on-going research and cannot be completely depended on. If it is used for your own travels, use it at your own risk.


# MasterbrainMalury 2012-08-28 10:45
Wow! You two have a very ambitious plan for your trip. Your research on visa requirements is a great resource for me in planning my travels. Thanks for doing the hard part.

We will be following your journey.
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# Thanks Malury!!Sal and Gisela 2012-08-28 19:10
Glad you could make use of the research. We look forward to sharing our experience! Hope you enjoy it.
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